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Greetings beloved! The many loved ones in my life who have died way too early from controllable circumstances including my mom (41), my dad (52), my brother (38) and recently my big sis (60) have inspired me to give generously, care deeply, and FIGHT DOGGEDLY FOR RACIAL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES in the lives of God's people.

Have you been praying for physical, mental, or emotional health issues to go away? Have you been pleading with God to help you to lose weight and body fat? Perhaps you’ve been desiring a closer connection with the Lord (and who isn’t these days). I believe that your answer is in a Juice Feast Detox.

As a Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformation Coach, one of the main things I try to instill in my clients and students is that detoxing is not just about physical health, it’s about gaining control over your soul.

You see, until you cleanse, and actually nourish your body, you’ll forever have trouble with your mind, your will, and your emotions. When you gain control of your soul, you can finally live the Purpose-Driven Dream Life you were created to live.

JOIN THE JUICING-4-JESUS® MOVEMENT ~ It's an honor and a privilege to be given this amazing program to share with the body of Christ. Anyone that knows me, know how passionate I am about unplugging God’s people from the “Medical Matrix”. But you and I both know that most Christians really struggle when it comes to giving up unhealthy foods. Many would rather stay overweight and sick, even die early before detoxing their bodies, and changing the way they eat. We also know that most believers would turn down their plate for the Lord quicker than they would for themselves, or for any other reason. What makes Juicing-4-Jesus® so powerful is the fact that it’s educational, it’s has doable action steps, a support system and Jesus is the motivational force behind it all.

UNPLUG FROM THE WORLD'S WAY (IT’S NOT WORKING) ~ The world’s way of physical health, mental health, and weight loss is failing us because it's not our way. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, NutriSystem and all the other weight loss programs, powders and pills that the world is offering us are not faith-based, nor are they holistic (connecting spirit, soul & body). They’re not designed to heal and nourish your spirit, mind and body, which is why even if you get to your “healthy weight” you won’t stay there. Until you learn how to detox your body and begin to cook and eat Kingdom Consciously, you will stay shackled to the world’s fear, lack, low level energy and the Medical Matrix.


THE JUICING-4-JESUS HEALTH & WELLNESS JOURNEY ~  Jucing-4-Jesus® is much more than a Sharing The Bliss coaching program, it’s a movement that you become a part of by beginning the journey yourself. It’s important to know that Jucing-4-Jesus® is not about buying or selling products. It’s about teaching God’s people how to transform their lives with something as simple as organic fruits and vegetables, and receiving the right spiritual & physical guidance, group support, and accountability. It’s about a nationwide community of believers all encouraging each other, because we need one another. You’ve tried to get healthy and lose weight for lots of reasons, this time you’re doing it for the Lord, because it’s the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage. Kingdom Consciously you will stay shackled to the world.

IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK ~ What you're actually going to be doing is Juice Feasting. Juice Feasting can have the same spiritual purpose as a fast, the difference is a physical component which involves drinking as much freshly, extracted organic juice as you desire. The good news is, you’re not going to jump into just drinking juice. I will show you how to get to that point with grace and ease by taking you through several days of preparation. You’re going to enjoy eating healthy, solid food before you begin the straight juice stage of your program. Beloved, it’s time to take back the control of your health from the Medical Matrix and put it into your hands. It’s time to heal your mind & body, lose weight, and feel great, so that you can live the life Jesus died for you to live.

Most importantly is the faith that comes with knowing that the Lord will be with you all the way through. After all you’re dedicating your juice feast to Him.




"Juicing-4-Jesus Coaching Program"

COST: $179.98

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WHEN YOU DO THE WORK JESUS WILL WORK THE MIRACLES: The Juice Feasting with Coach Carmen Coaching Program is about going all the way with your Juicing-4-Jesus Challenge. It’s about making a small investment to be fully supported and guided through your entire juice feast by a real, live Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformation Coach (me!). It's also about the awesome tools that you receive in the Juicing-4-Jesus Success Pack which is sent to your inbox immediately after you register so that you can begin your journey right away.

I’m so thrilled about this coaching program I want to support you so email me your questions at Ask Coach Carmen. This is  your opportunity to get help with things that may come up for you during the week.


THE BOOK (In downloadable PDF format) ~ You’re going to love how the book “Juicing-4-Jesus (Organic Juice Detox 4 Healing, 4 Weight Loss, 4 God) takes you beautifully through the (3) Stages of your juice feast. It contains everything you need to cross the finish line for the Lord, including…

·         Radical Self Care how to's such as, at home treatments for cleaning your colon (very important)

·         The foods you must stay away from to heal your mind & body and get to your healthy weight for good

·         The 411 on organic and why it’s so vital

·         Benefits and uses of 33 different fruits and veggies

·         Recipes for delicious Stage 1 and Stage 2 pre-juicing meals

·         23 JUICE RECIPES for everything including juices for your eyes, kidneys, nerves, skin, hair & nails, liver, bones, joints, diabetes, and conditions such as high cholesterol, cancer, blood issues, breathing issues, colds, flu & viruses, low energy, high blood pressure and constipation

·         Two full pages of Q & A

·         Shopping Lists, one for all (3) stages of the juice feast

·         Suggestions and how to’s for Supplements and Juice Boosters

·         Daily Action Sheets to keep you on tract

·         Daily Journal Pages

THE AUDIOS (In mp3 format) ~ You’re going to learn so much from the (5) one hour + audio trainings. The audios include...

  • Preview Call

  • Orientation Training

  • Stage One (Getting Started),

  • Stage Two (Organic Raw Vegan)

  • Stage Three (Organic Juices)


Weekly Live On The Air Q&A/Support Calls with Coach Carmen

Access To Private Juicing 4 Jesus Facebook Group

Radical Change Cause For Radical Action ~ This is what it takes to shakes things up in the spirit realm and manifest miracles

Juicing-4-Jesus Coaching Program CLICK HERE




The woman with the issue of blood Knew she had to meet Jesus where He was in order to get her miracle. She did the unthinkable when she pressed through the crowd to get to Jesus. To get your miracle, your going to have to press through the crowd of fear, doubt, and shortage. Investing in the program is your opportunity to press through the mess and show Jesus your best. What’s cool is that with you’ll be invited to join the Private Juicing-4-Jesus Facebook Group. In addition, you'll be able to head up a Juicing-4-Jesus® Group with family and friends.

The Juicing-4-Jesus® Success Pack was created so that you wouldn’t have to wing it. It will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and direction you need to succeed. We bundled the Book “Juicing-4-Juice (Organic Juice Detox 4 Healing, 4 Weight Loss, 4 God)” and (5), One Hour Audio Trainings together to create the Juicing-4-Jesus® Success Pack. I put everything I could think of in the materials, to allow you to be self-guided, step-by-step through your juice feast. The Juicing-4-Jesus® Success Pack will be sent to you immediately via email in easy, downloadable formats so that you don’t have to wait another day to begin your juice feasting preparation.

THE BOOK (In downloadable PDF format) ~ You’re going to love how the book “Juicing-4-Jesus (Organic Juice Detox 4 Healing, 4 Weight Loss, 4 God) takes you beautifully through the (3) Stages of your juice feast. It contains everything you need to cross the finish line for the Lord, including…

Radical Change Cause For Radical Action ~ This is what it takes to shakes things up in the spirit realm and manifest miracles

Juice-4-Jesus Coaching Program CLICK HERE




My FREE GIFT to you for investing in the program is one month in the  Health & Wealth Academy Membership Coaching Program.  I highly recommend that every believer who’s serious about unplugging from the Matrix both physically and mentally sign up. If you want support, training and knowledge on how to live your Purpose Driven Dream Life, it’s a must. If you want to learn the biblical laws of manifestation it’s really a “no brainer”. The program offers you 24/7 password-protected online, Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformation Training Center. Watch cooking videos and informative movie documentaries, listen to over 50 hours of faith-based audios and find resources for Kingdom Conscious Living. All of that plus weekly group coaching calls.  Click link to learn http://www.sharingthebliss.com/membership.html 


More On The Benefits Of Juice Feasting

When your body isn't lugged down by overly processed, genetically modified, cooked foods filled with pesticides, and growth hormones that it doesn't know what to do with, it can self-heal, shed fat and restore your youth. Digestion is a major energy drain on the body – energy that could be used to heal and repair tissue rather than processing food all day. Freshly extracted organic juice takes about 20 minutes to digest and enter the blood stream whereas heavy fat laden destructive type foods sometimes takes 8 to 12 hours to be processed before it can be used as energy for the body. Juicing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs is super effective for healing, cleansing and feeding the body. These foods serve us when eaten in their most natural state. However, the process of extracting juice from them, breaks down their cellular walls in a way that releases more life from these living foods then eating them in solid form. Imagine drinking your salad? You wouldn’t mind if it tasted delicious. I have loads of recipes for healing juices as well as nutritionally dense green smoothies you're going to love.


You'll nourish your body on a cellular level.

 You're mind and body will self-heal.

 You'll raise your vibrational frequency.

 You'll better connect to the Kingdom of God.

 You'll become closer to the Lord.

 You’ll have more energy and need less sleep.

 You'll lose body fat and start become your healthy weight.

 Your eyesight will improve.

 You’ll reverse the signs of aging.

You'll begin to heal skin diseases including acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Your skin will glow, and your hair & nails will grow.

If you're sick now you'll recover much faster.

Cellulite will melt away.

You’ll respect yourself and your body more.

Your body will naturally wean itself off medication.

You gain more self-confidence and self-control.

You’ll inspire others, and be respected by others.

You’ll gain more endurance.

Allergies will go.

As your body changes you’ll want to live healthier lifestyle.

You’ll beat depression without drugs.

Your taste buds will sharpen.

You’ll love life even more.

You’ll have less if any PMS and menstrual pain.

Menopausal issues will decrease greatly.

You will feel calmer and less stressed.

You’ll become more fertile (so look out).

You’ll be less attracted to unhealthy food.

Your tummy will begin to flatten.

You’ll learn so much more about healthy food options.

You’ll begin to lose old food craving.

You'll feel sexier.

You’ll be less drawn to alcohol and you may not want to smoke any more.

You’ll become more gracious and loving. .

You’ll help save the environment.

You’ll live longer.

To Learn More about The Benefits of Raw Food for Christians Click Below.

With an abundance of BLISS,

Coach Carmen

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