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Are you finally fed up with your unhealthy physical, and perhaps even mental, and emotional conditions or strongholds? Are you like many believers who have been praying for years to be delivered and have had hands laid on you time after time again, yet you’re still in bondage. Have you tried it all? You may have even done the "Daniel Fast" but the thought of giving up your favorite foods forever is hard for you to bear. Well have no fear, this is your time. I believe that I have the answer to what you've be praying for. There's the good news beloved, what I'm going to share with you is going to help you heal your body, and mind, lose that unwanted weight, and unplug from the "Medical Matrix" for good, while totally satisfying your taste buds.

Okay, so lets start with the fact that food has become a (4) letter word in the church. It's the only subject that has been kept on the "back burner". It's like the BIG WHITE ELEPHANT in the middle of the room that everyone pretends they don't see. Meanwhile, the biggest and most deadly addiction in our country is not crack cocaine or even prescription drugs… IT’S FOOD! We eat as our way of dealing with emotional issues, for taste satisfaction, and we eat out of tradition. We eat for every reason but the right one… to feed, and nourish the living tissue that create our body temples, and to be in our best condition to better hear from God.

The concept of Kingdom Cooking is based on the terms  "Kingdom-Conscious Food", "Kingdom-Conscious Cooking", and "Kingdom-Conscious Eating" which were giving to me by the Holy Spirit. In a nut-shell  it's all simply maintaining a conscious awareness that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It's cooking and eating for the benefit of healing, vitality and yes, spirituality. Many have adapted this lifestyle out of desperation, not having health insurance to support their illnesses. I am a living example of one whose lack of medical coverage confirmed the decision to heal their body with organic, whole food' and the Word of God. As a result, I healed myself from a lifetime of eczema, and a life-threatening blood disease. My mind was renewed, my thinking was elevated, and today I'm a new person, and you can be too.


I know that is a BIG, BOLD statement but it's true, and receiving, and acting on it will turn your entire life around. You see it begins with knowing about Kingdom-Conscious Eating. You must get the knowledge, and receive it with gladness. Most people reject it because it's a "flesh burner". That's why the Lord said in Hosea 4:6 that His people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Thank God you don't have that excuse anymore. So back to why it's the missing link to the Kingdom. The word tells us that each of the fruit of the Spirit releases the supernatural power of God in our lives. In Galatians 5:22-23 they are called unbeatable forces.

The fruit of the Spirit we have to deal with when it comes to food is the fruit of temperance (or self-control). See I told you it's a "flesh burner". That's why less than 10% of the church wants to deal with it. The bottom line is this, GOD'S PEOPLE ARE LIVING WITH FOOD ADDICTIONS and until it's handled we will continue to have Spiritual Breaches. YES, you not wanting to give up that fried chicken and Pepsi, when you have HEALTH ISSUES is a SPIRITUAL ISSUE.


God set it up so that each of the fruit of the Spirit enables us to better cope with adverse situations that arise in our lives. Therefore, you can not be a totally successful over-comer if the fruit of self-control (or any of the Spiritual fruit) is inoperable because it causes a breach in your spirit. The devil roams around looking for a particular area (a breach) in which he can enter in and concentrate his attack.

Isn't that deep?... I KNOW!!! Once we close all breaches we'll have totally access to the Kingdom the resides within us and all its Glory.




To help support your decision to unplug from the food matrix, long enough to see positive transformation, I've created the Kingdom Cooking ~ Wellness Kitchen Lifestyle Intensive. It is a must for those who's taken the 28-Day Body & Soul Detox, or the Juicing-4-Jesus Organic Juice Feast, and a must for those who haven't. I'm so excited about this five part intensive because what you're going to learn will stay in your heart and soul for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to heal your mind and body and be free from allergies, skin conditions, fatigue, brain-fog and stress forever? Are you under a doctor’s care, and are ready to take an Integrative approach to your health? Want to get down to, and maintain your "healthy weight", sleep like a lamb, feel awesome, and look younger, and feel sexier?

Ezekiel 47:12 sums it up "… fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food, and the leaves for medicine."


GOOD = [Cooked Organic Cuisine]
(Including: Free Range, Grass-Fed and Wild-Caught Meat & Fish)
BETTER = [Cooked Organic Vegetarian Cuisine]
(Including: Organic Eggs, Organic Butter Organic Milk, and Organic Cheese)
EVEN BETTER = [Cooked Organic Vegan Cuisine]
BEST = [Raw Organic Vegan Cuisine]
BEYOND = [Extracted Organic Juices]


Kingdom Cooking - Wellness Kitchen

Lifestyle Intensive Curriculum


This (5) Part Intensive is the foundation for those wanting to transform their lives and the lives of their family with something they can easily control… food.  I will help you to unplug from the “Medical Matrix” or avoiding it all together by showing you how to layout and set up your kitchen to support your Kingdom-Conscious lifestyle. From there you'll learn how to unplug from the “Supermarket Matrix” by discovering where and how to shop for affordable organic whole food. The following three days I'll be teaching you how to create absolutely delicious “Miracle Meals That Heal”. You'll spend the final day learning my food prep secrets and creative ways to pack Lunch Boxes & Snack Packs for work, school, travel and any other time you leave home.

Part #1 - Purpose, New Food Choices & Kitchen Detox


6 to 8 HOURS ~ The New Food Choices & Kitchen Detox Class is the first prerequisite for Kingdom-Conscious Cooking. This two part class is not only the foundation for preparing amazing life transforming food; it will renew your thinking about what you eat and why you eat it. Whether you want to begin replacing gluten, sugar, meat and all other refined and processed foods with delicious nutritional options, or ready to Go Vegetarian, Cooked Vegan or Raw Vegan  you will need to make a plan to set up your kitchen to support your lifestyle choice.

After we complete the plan on paper we head off to where it all happens... the kitchen. We begin in the kitchen by looking at the best ways you could set it up to better serve you and your health and wellness goals. We also access what is currently undermining your efforts. This will be the most challenging of all the classes because you may need to get down and dirty in order to raise the vibration of your kitchen. Creating a Wellness Kitchen is more than filling you fridge with healthy food. It requires clearing, cleaning and moving things around for better functionality and inspiration. It evokes an atmosphere that brings you clarity, ease, joy, and total support and that's a wonderful thing.

Part #1 Class Curriculum

  • Getting crystal clarity about your WHY. When you make the decision to uplevel your life, there needs to be a period of grounding. This is where we get clear on where you’re starting from, what you’re hoping to achieve, and what your motivations are. 
  • Learn what superfoods are a must to keep in your kitchen.
  • We will go through the many delicious options you have for replacing your current unhealthy food choices on your normal shopping list.
  • Learn why organic is worth every cent and a must for healing.
  • Kitchen Food Detox (Separate categories of food from refrigerator, pantry and cabinets).

    a) Category #1 -  foods and items that are 100% supportive

    b) Category #2 - foods and items that are Not very supportive

    c) Category #3 - foods and items that are Not at all supportive

  • Kitchen Environmental Detox

    a) Thoroughly clean  refrigerator, cabinets and pantry.

    b) Put up fresh shelving paper.


Part #2 - Setting Up & Stocking Your Wellness Kitchen


6 to 8 HOURS ~ You're going to LOVE this class. I'm going to show you how to turn your kitchen into a place that will feed and heal your soul as well as your body. Regardless of its size and current aesthetics of your kitchen, you will discover ways to get it as organized, equipped, inspiring and inviting as possible.

What's vital is to understand that in order to unplug from the "Medical Matrix" or avoid it all together it’s going to start with unplugging from the "Supermarket Matrix". To do that effectively you'll need to learn how to shop a stores and markets that cater to your health & wellbeing without breaking the bank. 

Though you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first, as you realize just how much better your life is about to became you're going to want to jump for joy!


Part #2 Class Curriculum

  • Learn what tools and small appliances are necessary for setting up a Wellness Kitchen.
  • Learn how to set up your Food Prep Stations including Juice and Smoothie Bars.
  • We will list your favorite meals and discuss how we going to make them healthier (Kingdom-Conscious).
  • Menu planning.
  • We will begin your shopping list of Wellness Kitchen Food Staples, including the Ultimate Spice Collection.
  • We will discuss where and how to shop for organic food at the best prices.
  • Health Food Store Shop & Tour - We will pack up and go to a well-stocked, local health food store. I will take you through the store and show you what to buy and how to save money.
  • Shopping haul food storage techniques.


Part #3 Cooked Organic Vegan

4 to 6 HOURS ~ Whether you wish to begin replacing gluten, sugar, meat, refined and processed foods with delicious nutritional options this class is a must. Even if you’re interested in moving towards a Raw Organic lifestyle you’ll want to start here. The reason being is that if you fall off your Raw Vegan lifestyle you'll have the next best thing cooked organic Vegan to fall back on.

Knowing what and how to prepare healthy, culinary delights for healing, vitality and emotional well-being is one of the best things you can invest in for you and the ones you love. You will to preparing several mouth-watering, nutrient-dense wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, organic meals.

Meals Can, and May Change According To Class/Client Preferences

We Will Be Eating Throughout The Entire Class So Come Hungry

Meals We Will Prepare May Include ~

  • Breakfasts (Green Smoothie / Banana Buckwheat Pancakes / Sweet Potato Muffins / Hot Quinoa Bowl)
  • Soups (Lentils and Barley / Miso Soup)
  • Salads (Creamy Kale / Cucumber & Capers / Broccoli Slaw / Big Organic Garden)
  • Dressings and Condiments (Coach Carmen's House Dressing / Mayo / Honey Mustard)
  • Snacks (Cinnamon Apple Sauce / "Cheezy" Popcorn / Carmel Popcorn)
  • Lunches and Dinners (“Chick-gone” & Sautéed Veggies over Brown & Wild Rice / Veggie Fried Rice & Collard Greens / Pasta w Sautéed Spinach & Ground "Beef" / “Chick-gone” Wraps and Sweet Potato Fries)
  • Desserts (Chocolate Pudding or Truffles / Lemon Tart /  Chocolate Chip Cookies / Dairy-free Ice Cream

Part #4 Raw Organic Vegan


4 to 6 HOURS ~ Are you ready to heal and supercharge your body? Would you like to revise the signs of aging, strengthen your spirit and lose that weight forever? About seven years ago, I was very interested in going raw, at least long enough to heal my blood and intestines. No one I knew had a clue about raw. Sadly I eventually gave up the pursuit and paid a serious price. When it all hit-the-fan 3 years ago it was raw organic food that was greatly responsible for saving my life. The Raw Food Class addresses everything you’ve ever wanted to know about preparing delicious living cuisine but didn’t know who to ask.

Just a few days of living on raw organic food and your body will begin healing. But if a 50% Raw and 50% GOOD and BETTER cooked food diet is all that you can handle, you are so on your way. If I had an opportunity like this 5 years ago, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. This class will introduce you to organic living food, meal options that are easy, satisfying and delicious. That’s right we’re not talking about living on rabbit food. You will develop a whole new way of eating and a new sense of well-being that will last a lifetime.

Meals Can and May Change According To Class/Client Preferences

We Will Be Eating Throughout The Entire Class So Come Hungry

Meals We Will Prepare May Include ~

  • Breakfasts (Chocolate Green Smoothie / Living Granola / Fresh Almond Milk)
  • Dips  / Crackers (Spinach Dip / Savory Flax Crackers / Apple Raisin Flax Crackers)
  • Salads (Couscous & Veggie Bowl / Mermaid Salad / Sprouted Wild Rice & Avocado Garden Salad)
  • Dressings (Caesar Dressing / Mayo / Ginger Miso Dressing)
  • Snacks (Cinnamon Apple Sauce / Sweet Potato Chips)
  • Lunches and Dinners (Sun Burgers and Sun Buns / “Fettuccine” with Cream Alfredo Sauce / Raw Pizza
  • Desserts (German Chocolate Cake / Lemon Coconut Cookies



Part #5 Prepping, Planning & Packing


4 to 6 HOURS ~ This class is all about the art of preparation. Most people use the lack of time as their excuse for not committing to a wellness lifestyle. The truth is that the enemy sold us yet another lie. The time you save and the energy you gain  by adopting the simple techniques you'll learn in this class will astound you. There's not doubt about it, the best time saving tip for Kingdom-Conscious Cooking is to prep, plan and pack weekly and I can't wait to show you how.

We're going to have fun creating portable meals, lunch boxes and snack packs. Imagine how great it's going to be to give up overpriced, inorganic, unhealthy takeout lunches and snacks and munches. Think of how great you're going to feel (inside & out) when you no longer have to spend money on food every time you and your family go out. Imagine how proud you'll feel taking out your beautiful, healthy meal while others are settling for food that offer little more than a quick hunger fix.

Class #5 Curriculum

  • Sprouting lesson (seeds, nuts, grains, legumes and beans).
  • Techniques for preparing food for the week.
  • Learn time saving prepping techniques.
  • Learn food storage techniques.
  • Learn the what, why and how-tos of freezing food.
  • Learn about the best storage containers.
  •  Learn how to prepare school and work lunch boxes.
  • Learn how to prepare food for road and plane travel.


Kingdom Cooking - Wellness Kingdom

Lifestyle Intensive Options

5-Day Gold Elite Intensive

(At Your Home)

There's no place like home. Having me come to your home to facilitate this five day program can be considered a luxury at first. The truth is, it's a low-cost necessity. If you are not local (Staten Island, NY), contact me by clicking on the green Application Button below and we can talk. Once we chat, you can arrange for me to come to you, anywhere nationally or internationally and stay at your home for the five days.


Kingdom Cooking ~ Miracle Meals That Heal" Cookbook ($35 Value)

Each Of The Above Classes Facilitated By Me with You In Your Home

(2) 30 Minute PRIVATE Q&A Calls with Me The Following (2) Weeks After Your Intensive.

mp3 Recording Of Each Call


 Please add an additional $500 dollars if you live outside of the tri-state area. International clients may have to add more to cover travel cost.
Invest must be Paid In Full before day one of your
Out of State Intensive


(5) Week Live Group Intensive

Five (4) Hour Classes
 PLUS Five (30) Minute Group Q&A Calls


"Kingdom Cooking Miracle Meals That Heal" Cookbook ($35 Value)

A Group Orientation Call

5 weekly live, hands-on group trainings that include the above classes

Four 30 minute Live Group Q&A Calls  with me

An mp3 Recording of each call

TOTAL INVESTMENT ~ $997 per person

 (Save $100) Invest In Full for $898 Click Here For This Option

(EZ Pay) Secure your sacred space with a $598 one-time, nonrefundable deposit and (2) equal payments of $200 every (14) days  Click Here For This Option

Class Size Is Limited


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Blissful blessings to you my beloved,

Coach Carmen

Carmen Abercrombie
Your Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformation Coach