Beloved if you could step into your "Purpose-Driven Dream Life" this year, how awesome would it be?... What would you be doing?... Where would you live?... What would you look like?... How would you feel?


I'll tell you beloved, until you can answer those questions you will never get there. If you don't know the answers, you're in good company, because only one out of ten people do. That's what the Biblical Laws of Attraction ~ 90-Day Dream Quest (BLOA~90DDQ) is all about. It supports you in getting those answers, creating the action plan and learning God's universal laws and principles that are necessary to make it happen. In Matthew 19:26 Jesus tells us...'with God all things are possible.' If you can believe that, you have what it takes to begin manifesting your most urgent needs, heart-felt wants and over-the-top desires.

Read all of the program details below and along the way allow me to share stories of how Dream Quests have upleveled my live and the lives of so many others. You'll soon realize that the 90-Day Dream Quest is just the thing you've been looking for to help you manifest your most urgent desires by co-creating with the Creator of Creation!

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Ready to live your bliss?... You can! Our Father is the creator of all creation, and you are a Kingdom heir/heiress, yet if you're like most believers you're living out side of your purpose, and well below your means. WHY???... I believe it's because, we've been taught the glories of heaven, the penalties of hell, and the wonders of earth, but we've not been taught the "Secret Laws" of the universe, and how to use them to our utmost advantage.

Just in case you're saying, "Coach Carmen I'm comfortable, I don't need to be rich". Understand that you have been given a Purpose Driven Dream Life to obtain, and that life is not just about you (forgive for being blunt). Though not all of us were predestined for fame, we each have been chosen to play a particular part in this time for the Kingdom. And that being the case, it is going to take focus, DISCIPLINE, POWER, HEALTH & WEALTH  to do it. We no longer have the “luxury” of living in mediocrity.

We must be able to access the powers of the universe in these amazing times. As Kingdom heirs and heiress we are required to learn how to effectively use the arsenal of Supernatural powers God has place within us. This is why I believe that the Biblical Laws Of Attraction ~ 90-Day Dream Quest program is so timely.

The only requirement is that you trust me when I say that no matter what physical, mental or spiritual state your life is at right now, child of God it is not too late to walk in your Kingdom calling. Whether you wish to publish a book, start your business, expand your ministry, lose weight, heal your body, buy your first home, or make your first million, the entire universe is waiting to assist you in manifesting not just a good life, but your PURPOSE-DRIVEN DREAM LIFE.

I guess after months of desperately studying, and filtering the movie "The Secret" through the Word of God, I was bound to Divinely connect with one of its stars. This is me and Tony with David Schirmer and his wife Lorna. When they came in from Australia for their US tour we brought them to our church with us. We took this picture while at my late sister Darlene's home where we had dinner with her and her family.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” or read the book you will recognize him as the “Car Parks Guy” and “The Checks In The Mail Guy”. David is a rags-to-riches Holy Ghost-filled, Christian millionaire.  He was so intrigued about the "Biblical Laws Of Attraction" that he agreed to write the foreword for the book. The four of us had so much fun practicing the law of attraction that day; we even attracted our coordinating color schemes.


The Benefits Of The Program Include...

  • The Zoë Spirit and the training 

  • Creating your Vision Board, map and other tools for manifesting your Purpose-Driven Dream Life

  • Discovering YOUR BLISS (that thing you were created by God to do) - Hint: Find your heart's desire and you'll find your divine purpose

  • Learning how to heal negative heart issues and other blessings blockers

  • Learning how to nourish and strengthen your spirit as if your life depends on it - because it does

  • Learning how to free yourself from the spirits of fear, stress and anxiety because "peace is not a pill"

  • Learning how to become a Master Manifester by effectively calling nonphysical substance into the tangible realm

  •  Writing your Life Declaration and Personal "Screen Play" which will greatly increase manifestation

  • Learning the right way to give beyond the tithe and receive The Financial Anointing which is available to you now

  • Developing the discipline and structure your life requires for change

  • Learning how to activate your Super-being status 

  • Learning how to use the Law Of Expectation to walk in a continuous flow of crazy favor and over-the-top blessings And more...


Discover the secrets of attracting people you want to attract!

This is me with Sir George Foreman. It was an experience of a life-time to spend  a couple of hours hanging out with him during an interview at Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson's "Sugar Bar" in Manhattan. I got to sit right there and hear his deeply inspiring stories about Muhammad Ali, and his experiences with the other greatest boxers of our time. Being in the vibrational atmosphere of an icon who's an awesome business person, a man of honor and a devoted Christian didn't just happen.

One of the things you'll learn in this program is how to write your Life Declaration. For example, part of my life declaration states that "my husband Anthony and I have wonderful relationships with some of the most extraordinary people in the world." Trust me, Life Declarations work.

Don't wait to hit rock bottom like I did before you're ready to stop wasting time going around the same mountain. This is your time to make the choice to begin manifesting by design whether than by default. IF YOU WANT YOU LEARN HOW TO BECOME A MASTER MANIFESTER DON'T WAIT, REGISTER RIGHT NOW. Your first 90-Day Dream Quest will set you on track to living the life that's beyond your wildest dreams.

This picture represents how we each have the power to draw people and blessings to us or away from us depending on our vibrational frequency. When I heard Law & Order was going to be shooting scenes in a home around the corner from my store and day spa, I set an intention to get a picture with Chris Nor for business publicity. This wasn't an easy feat because of how difficult it was to get dressed and out of the house. The look of my skin and the strain of pain on my face reveal that I was still pretty ill at the time.

What was so amazing was, even with not looking my best, out of all the people who wanted his picture, he walked over to me and asked if I wanted a picture. The woman who's home he was shooting in didn't even get a picture. Remind me to tell you the whole crazy Chris Noth (Law & Order / Sex & The City) manifestation story, it's really something.


The writing was on the wall (literally)!

Here's one of my all-time favorite manifestation stories. Not long before everything began to fall apart in my life, including my health. While walking to my shop and day spa one morning (which was near our apartment), I asked God how were we ever going to be able to buy a home with so much debt and no savings. At the time the real estate market  was a "hot mess", and mortgage rates were insane. I have to admit to you that I was a bit put off, because I couldn't understand why we were lead to open the businesses. After all the time, work and money we put in, we hadn't seen any return after five years. I remember hearing in my spirit the Lord say "Don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing."

One thing I never stopped doing was tithing to my church, and sowing financial seed into ministries I partnered with. A few weeks later, we learned that we had inherited a debt-free home. The timing couldn't have been better. But here's the kicker. When Tony was preparing to paint the walls in the attic for his art studio, he came across something written in black marker underneath layers of dirt. When he wiped the wall down it read Carmen. He took the above picture before plastering. I had never been in that room in my life, in fact it was previously occupied by a man I didn't know. Here's something else, for years I ended my affirmations with "I claim it now, have it now, Jesus paid for it, MY NAME IS ON IT, and I thank God for it, In Jesus' name!" WOW! And now I have a complete step-by-step formula for this kind of manifestation, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Anyone can learn to become a "Master Manifester" young or old.

It's not too late to start dreaming again, in fact IT'S TIME TO START DREAMING AGAIN! When people ask me whether the program would work for teens, I tell them "Yes...for sure!" The fact is, it's prefect for younger people because they're the ones who have no trouble dreaming big. The 90 Day Dream Quest not only changes lives, it develops lives. It will teach your child Godly success principles that they will never learn in school.

You don't even have to be a Christian. Our business platform is built on unconditional love. As a follower of Christ, I do not believe in discriminating against anyone who sincerely wants help. I think it's  wise to follow this 90-Day success formula whether you're a Christian or not. If you're willing to do the required work, I’m willing to support you. I promise to treat you with the same respect as I would my Christian clients, and will never force my beliefs upon you. As long as you understand that the teachings are straight-up bible-based, and that I will share my knowledge in love, but without compromise.

I’m ready, how do I begin a Dream Quest?

Awesome! See curriculum and registration details below. Special Early Bird Enrollment pricing and payment plans are now available (see below).

Biblical Laws Of Attraction
90-Day Dream Quest
Coaching Curriculum ~

Each Session is a powerful, in depth training which includes a coaching call (live and/or recorded), exercises, worksheets, and a corresponding Mediation Audio


Introduction: Prepare For Your Quest / Radical Self Care Practices / Support, Inspiration, Documentation
Module 1: Starting At The Finish (The Principle Of Purpose)
Module 2: Set & resolve your intentions. (The Principle Divine Promises) / Find God's word on it. (The Principle of Word Seed) / Petition Prayer (The law of Asking)
Module 3: Formulate Your Game Plan (The Principle of Work)
Module 4: Write Your Screen Play (The Principle of Being)
Module 5: Kingdom Heirs (The Law of The Kingdom of Heaven) / Seed, Time & Harvest (The Law of Sowing & Reaping)
Module 6: Zoë Spirit Practices Introduction (The Law of Kingdom Consciousness) / Zoë Spirit Practices for Supernatural Living (The Principle of Doing the Word) / The Practice of Prayer (The Power of Prayer) / The Practice of Bible Reading (The Power of God's Word)
Module 7: The Practice of Visualization (The Law of Vision) / The Practice of Faith Confessions (The Power of Words) / The Practice of Love (The Law of Love)
Module 8: The Practice of Meditation (Principle of Stillness) / The Practice of Praise and Worship (The Power of Praise and Worship) / The Practice of Giving (The Law of Increase)
Module 9: The Practice of Gratitude  (The Principle of Thanksgiving) / The Practice of Peace (The Principle of Peace) / The Practice of Joy (The Principle of Joy)
Module 10: The Practice of Communion (The Laws of Covenant) / The Practice of Church (The Law of Fellowship) / The Practice of Fasting (The Law of Purification)
Module 11: The Practice of Aromatherapy (The Power of Fragrance) / The Substance of all Manifestation (The Force of Faith) / Cast your Cares (The Law of Rest)
Module 12: Mastering The Power of Energy (The Law of Vibration) / Vibrational Color Seed (Manifestation Exercise)

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Nine Private Coaching Calls with me Coach Carmen
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12 Weekly Downloadable Workbook/Journal Packets with tons of tools and your weekly assignments

12 Module Audios

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Orientation Audio with Coach Carmen
Access to the password protected 90-Day Dream Quest Online Program Center where you will find your weekly Modules and Audio Classes. Leave your questions (and have them answered) and enjoy support tools and a faith-based Law of Attraction Video Library.
Downloadable Workbook/Journal Packet with tons of tools and your weekly assignments
(13) MP3 Module Audios

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