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Ezekiel 47:12 “…Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food, and the leaves for medicine.” NIV



There are community gardens and there are organic community gardens. The time has come for the Truly Organic Community Garden!

The high vibrational frequency of organically grown fruits and vegetables is nothing short of miraculous. It’s what gives fruits and vegetables their healing power. In order to produce them however, not only must they be grown without chemicals, the soil (including the compost) and the seeds must be organic as well. The bottom line is, Truly Organic Gardens are gardens that grow fruits and vegetables the way the Creator intended.

THE MISSION... To spread the word about the importance of organic food and to create a Truly Organic Community Garden Model that other communities across America especially low income communities, senior communities and churches can emulate.


Organic food is a multibillion-dollar industry yet organic food makes up less than 5% of the entire food industry. The prices of organic food has much to do with the fact that the industry is controlled largely by corporations and regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Even though there are ways to get around the cost of organic food, the average lower income family doesn’t see it as a feasible option.



Our Lives Are At Risk!

Let’s begin with the fact that in recent years, the American Cancer Society reported that exposure to pesticides is linked to an increased cancer risk, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

The United States uses 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides a year. Most conventionally grown produce you find laid out

beautifully in your supermarket have been sprayed with these pesticides (chemicals created to KILL bugs and control

plant disease). Did you know that if you consumed an average apple you could be eating over 30 pesticides, even after

you have washed it?

Here’s the kicker; only a mere .01 percent actually reach the intended target – the bugs. The rest ends up virtually everywhere, contaminating our food, air, and water. The solution was producing herbicide-tolerant Roundup Ready Seeds. We're talking chemically engineering the seeds so that they are created with the poison. These “chemical cocktails” which humans were not created to consume has been linked to the following health problems:




  • HORMONE DISRUPTION (which can lead to early onset puberty and other health concerns)





*Categorized as a possible chronic effect from repeated exposure to pesticides.

We're being told to eat lots of fruits and vegetables yet by doing so we are consuming chemicals that are having a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing. No one should have to suffer illness and premature death because they can't afford life-giving, chemical-free food.

Who’s Most At Risk?

Those who regularly eat food grown with pesticides (inorganic food) are at the highest risk of developing health problems, as well as farmers, those who live downwind or downstream of sprayed croplands, and infants and young children (because their bodies are still developing).

GMOs… Real Life Science Fiction Mayhem

If the chemicals allowed in our food isn’t bad enough the reality of Genetically Modified Organisms is! GMOs are genes altered by the insertion of a modified gene or a gene from another organism using techniques of genetic engineering.

I first learned about GMOs from a Natural Doctor who taught a detox workshop I attended. It sounded like something out of a bad Sci-Fi movie. Are you kidding? The government is allowing scientists to help farmers grow “better” food by taking genes from a crab to create crisper apples? With so many cancers, immune system disorders and hosts of new diseases, we need a solution!

What are the risks of consuming genetically modified foods? The truth is, even if we don’t know just how toxic, allergenic, less nutritious and harmful GMOs are, we cannot deny that the growing number of cancer cases, auto-immune, liver, kidney and other diseases in this country is extremely alarming.

The bottom line is, because there are currently no regulations and there is limited to no labeling on GMO foods the need to choose organic is crucial.


Community gardens provide food for the community, therefore we could not have too many community gardens (hopefully the local supermarkets will also agree)

Urban Gardening Is Linked To:

·         Better health for seniors

·         Lower asthma rates

·         Better school performance

·         Less obesity

·         Less alcoholism

·         Greater collective efficacy

·         Less crime

·         More economic operation

So why not just create a traditional organic garden? Well because the most important way to insure one’s health is to guarantee that the food they’re eating was grown healthy from the soil to the seed. Truly Organic produce is not only grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, the seeds are non GMO and the soil itself is created with non GMO and pesticide free compost. that's a BIG DIFFERENCE! HOWEVER... because of the laws that have been passed to ban God's original seeds (seeds that have not been genetically produced) we have a small window of time to begin growing truly organic gardens!

The Safest and Healthiest Choice: Organic food can contain up to 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Food that is grown without chemicals is the healthiest diet you can feed your mind, body and spirit! The food we eat has a great deal to do with how we think (the choices we make), how we feel (our emotional state) and how long we live (our physical state). Eating organically grown food is our best health insurance.

Unfortunately because organic foods do tend to be more expensive than their conventional counterparts, people choose food that is conducive to their budget, while ignoring the present health dangers that exist.

Why are so many of our children sick, overweight and emotionally unstable? Overactive children are being forced medication, and others are dying from Juvenile diabetes, cancers and other illnesses -  all having much to due with the sugar-filled, chemical-laden food. No child should suffer because of what they're being fed.

Kids love Mc Donalds because that's what was given to them during the early stages of their development. "Train a child in the way they should go and they shall not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 What's amazing is, how children naturally gravitate towards freshly grown fruits & veggies, and can just as easily be trained to eat them.


High raw, organic food is my medicine and I'm not alone. The are millions of people who have recognized that their lives depend on eating organic food. During the height of a life-threatening blood disease I went to see a blood specialist. I had been on a fully raw, vegan diet for months. We were appalled at the amount of pesticides and herbicides we saw in my blood during the Darkfield Microscopy live cell analysis. It freaked us all out. I knew we should have been purchasing organic produce, but I was unable to convince my husband who was taking care of me at the time. However when he saw my blood he was convinced. I finally understood why my skin was doing things you would only see in a horror movie. In my quest to detox my then sick body, I was making myself even sicker by ingesting so many toxic chemicals.

Teaching people about the benefits of organic food has been one of the corner stones of my work as a holistic wellness coach since 2010. That teaching has always included creative ways to shop organic on a budget. I am proud to say that most all of my clients have adapted a high organic lifestyle, at least long enough to heal their bodies and get to their healthy weight!


 The Truly Organic (Flagship) Community Garden


A Three Part Agenda

1.   To create a model for offering people in low-income neighborhoods, senior communities and local schools “truly organic” fruits and vegetables at an extremely affordable price.   

To relieve hunger and inadequate nutrition in low-income neighborhoods with the best quality food for physical & mental health and wellbeing.

To educate communities on the importance of eating organically grown food as much as possible. And to teach people simple and delicious cooking and food prep techniques that will encourage families to eat healthy, healing, homemade meals, snacks and desserts.


The aim of  the Truly Organic Community Project  is to help heal our nation through community-based, pesticide and GMO-free food production and encourage the consumption of truly nutritious, transformative food.

The philosophy of the Truly Organic Community Project is to grow fruits, vegetables, edible and ornamental flowers without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers. To further this philosophy the garden seeds will be pesticide and GMO free and the soil will be created with little to no compost made of the above mentioned. Wood chips and leaves will used as natural, organic soil amendments and weed barriers.

For many residents the garden will provide a realistic opportunity to cut down on the rising cost of food. And for others it provides a needed break from the stresses of everyday life, a chance to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by getting back to nature at their “garden”.


LOCATION: We have identified a vacant lot, Block 51 Lot 1, located on Cleveland Street in Staten Island, New York, currently owned by NYCHA to become the Flagship Truly Organic Garden.

TIME FRAME: The aim is to transform this fallow ground into a lush oasis filled with organic food by the Summer of 2017.


The garden will include both ground-level beds and raised beds, some of them to heights convenient for people in wheel chairs or who have difficulty bending. We will seek Art Grants to use to enlist local artists to paint colorful murals of fruits, veggies and flowers.


  • Small, Medium and Large Seasonal Produce Boxes - sold at very reasonable prices. PLUS...

  • Cooking and Food Prep Demos & Classes – to inspire the community to become more creative and adept at making food that's healthy and totally delicious.

  • Organic Gardening Education – to encourage anyone with any amount of land to grow their own Truly Organic Garden.

  • School Field Trip Opportunities For Children - to come do projects designed to teach them how organic vegetables are grown and why growing them is so vital.



THE EXECUTIVE TEAM - The Truly Organic Garden Community Project is a "Sharing The Bliss" Outreach Mission. The project is being spearheaded by Carmen Abercrombie (founder and CEO), assisted by Ms. Tanisha Necole Perry (Project Manager) and American Homes Group Realty (Project Partner).

THE CREATIVE TEAM - includes the Truly Organic Garden Community Project's Movie Documentary Crew, John Paul Learn Garden Designer (Urban Garden Designer, Consultant, Farm-to-Table Celebrity Chef and owner of Mandala Farms) Anthony Abercrombie Artistic Director (Artist, Photographer, Teacher, Webmaster and CEO of Abercrombie Art).

THE SUPPORT TEAM - The Truly Organic Community Garden Project is operated through the support of many wonderful people. The garden construction and materials will be paid for by our Corporate Sponsors and individual Legacy of Love Donors. Labor tasks will be performed by our Garden Team and Garden Team Leaders lovingly known as "Wellness Warriors". All administrative tasks will be performed by our Administrative Team. We will invite our community leaders, churches and groups to become Truly Organic Community Garden Ambassadors whose role will be to spread the word and help us enlist volunteers.

We are seeking individuals who also believe that everyone deserves the right to eat Truly Organic food. We welcome you to join us as a Corporate Sponsor, Legacy of Love Donor (please use the button to make a donation), Ambassador or be a part of our Garden Team, Creative Team or Administrative Team. Please contact me Coach Carmen at (718) 273-9772 or Tanisha Perry at (347) 524-8670.

  • Construction Materials

  • Fencing

  • Carpentry

  • Garden Tools and Equipment

  • Tool Sheds

  • Benches

  • Organic Seeds

  • Organic Soil

  • Compost Bins

  • Plumbing for Water

  • Produce Boxes


The Truly Organic Community Garden Project

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