My Gift To You Sis:

When was the last time you invested 7 days in a row focusing on physical healing, emotional wellness and outer beauty? Umm... I thought so, which is exactly why I've put together this amazing "Gift Of Bliss" Bundle for you. It includes ...

➔ Live Transformational Webinar  

 Private Facebook Sisterhood 

 Divine Self Meditation Audio

 7 Day Email Support Series 

 PLUS 3 Transformation Activation BONUS GIFTS...

  • Health & Wellness Support Call (Limited Time)
  • Sacred Self-Care 7 Day Experience Guidebook
  • Color Seed Vibration Manifestation Guidebook

You can join the "7 Days To Emotional & Physical Healing" Transformational Webinar live (details following) or watch the replay at your convenience. It's guaranteed to help you restore your body, soothe your soul and nourish your spirit!

Beloved are you a woman of faith or open-minded seeker, called to make a difference (which we all are) but find yourself asking any of these questions?... 

  • How can I heal my emotions and overcome the hurt, pain, abuse and regrets of my past so that I can answer the call of God on my Life? 

  • How can I break free from the "Medical Matrix" and heal my mind and body holistically?

  • How can I lose weight without losing my joy?

  • How can I have more of God's blessings, miracles and favor in my life?

  • How can I get crystal clear about my purpose and make it profitable?

  • How can I grow my existing business with online marketing?




28-Day Body & Soul Detox

Learn how this life-transformational detox can release all sorts of toxins from your organs, blood and systems as well as the deepest parts of your soul.

Healed, Whole, Body & Soul -Total Life Transformation

Join a sisterhood of Kingdom Heiresses on a sacred 9 month journey designed to transform every area of your life.

Package Your Purpose

Ready to turn your pain into power and your purpose into a profitable, world-changing business and/or ministry that's uniquely you? Okay! Let's do this!

Coach Certification Program

Discover how you can earn an income by taking people (who you were called to serve) through a life-transformational journey to emotional healing and restored health while healing yourself. 

"Biblical Laws of Attraction" 90-Day Dream Quest

Imagine what would happen if you spent 90 days following God's universal laws and principles? I'll tell you! You would receive His precious promises! IT'S LAW! Learn how.

Sacred Self Care Collection

Bestsellers since 1995. Instant physical relief, and sense of wellbeing. These anointed products include my Healing Infusions (teas/tonics), Aromatherapy Wellness Blends and Skin Care.


I have some encouraging news my love!

This can be your season of miraculous breakthroughs in spite of the pandemic, political unrest, health issues and emotional mayhem you may be facing!

Let’s face it, we need to activate our Supernatural empowerments to survive, much less thrive today! Why? Because “The Matrix” forces are working harder than ever to pull us in, so we're kept out of God's perfect will for our lives. God created us to be in the world but not of it for a good reason. However, our mindsets, diet and lifestyle, along with the evil intent of much of the world have made that near impossible. This is why support is so vital my Sister!

We often forget that we are tri-part beings (spirit, soul & body). Our health is connected to our wealth and our peace is connected to our purpose. Having only part of the blessing is not the “nothing missing, nothing broken” prosperity God has promised us through Jesus Christ.

 3 John 1:2 “Beloved I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers”.


Beloved consider this... Life doesn't get better by doing what you've been doing...



Set up your Complimentary Transformation Activation Call today before it goes back to $175!

Simply fill out either the Health & Wellness or Package Your Purpose Assessment Form.  

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And you'll receive this ...  

Once you complete either Assessment Form we'll send you the link to one of the most life-changing teachings I've ever shared entitled "Wounded Wombs"!  

Other than hot flashes and PMS, female issues are rarely the topic of conversations. It’s even difficult to find an OB/GYN that can tell you what you need to know to have a healthy womb! Why? Because it goes deeper than the scope of their training. The reality is, wound affections are connected to soul issues and they come to us in many forms including mental, emotional and anxiety disorders, weight gain and sexual dysfunctions just to name a few. This is why getting to the root of what’s causing the bad fruit is so vital! 


Here's what it's meant to others...

If I had not enrolled in Package Your Purpose (PYP), I know for certain I would not now have a website.  I would have been stuck in the old way of marketing via business cards, networking phone calls, and meetings.  Since having enrolled in PYP and following Carmen’s advice, within three months of my website launch in October 2014, I more than doubled the number of my private practice clients.  After PYP, I achieved within three months more than I had achieved within nearly three years. Jennifer Crumply ~ 

This! I must say, has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my whole entire lifetime. Through Coach Carmen’s amazing ability to catch the vision, all the gifts and talents God has given me have finally and truly come together, something I tried to do for a very long time, but could not do on my own. This program has given me the know-how, and the tools to package my purpose with a style and signature that I can surely call my very own!

Cassandra Tindle ~ 

Completing the Package Your Purpose Tier 1 Program with Coach Carmen helped me to lay the foundation for my business. My VIP Day at her home has allowed me to complete what I needed to set up my business. The day was not only productive and enlightening but was also very calming. She is so positive and supportive. There is a peaceful energy the fills the atmosphere when you work one on one with her. As a 2 time cancer survivor pursuing my purpose so I can become free from stress jobs is very important to me. I am grateful I’ve been connected her. Thank you God!
Dawn Eckstein (The Belly Coach)

Coach Carmen, once again you have introduced me to a much needed program, The 28 Day Detox is exactly what I have needed. As I am going through Menopause it has become even more evident that what I am putting into my body has a profound effect on me. Not only physically, but mentally too. Prior to starting the program I felt sluggish, tired and well, quite frankly the family tells me a little cranky too! What a difference a month makes!

Eileen Galbraith


The 28 Day Body and Soul Detox is truly an amazing program. My decision to work privately with Coach Carmen was out of dire necessity. I had several stressful situations back to back. It led to a serious bout of emotional eating that culminated in a full blown sugar addiction. I was suffering with fatigue, irritability, poor memory, lack of concentration and bloating.  I had a million excuses for why I could not partake.  I completed the program feeling energetic, with improved concentration & memory and I lost 12 lbs.

Sage Chioma ~ 

Deciding  to work with Carmen was the best decision I could have made. I am so grateful to have been connected to such a caring, focused woman to help me build the foundation for my business. I had attempted on my own the previous year, and struggled for months trying to get focused and narrow in on what needed to be done. Working with Carmen streamlined the whole process and made it much less stressful for me. She has such a loving presence and a genuine desire to help which is obvious every time you speak with her.

Laura Smilski (The Soulmate Coach) 

Sister you were chosen for such a time as this! 

Soothe Your Soul * Heal Your Body * Live Your Bliss­

Get Ready To...

Be Free From Those Negative Mental Strongholds.
Restore Your Body so you can Get Off That Medication.
Turn Your Mess Into A Money Making Mission which will... Fulfill God's Call On Your Life... STARTING TODAY!

Because the sooner you do, the sooner you can begin attracting all of the people & money you need to  MANIFEST YOUR MISSION AND LIVE YOUR BLISS!  (718) 273-9772